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  • Pacific Book Review of Comfort in Sorrow Thursday, January 17, 2019

    Whether we like it or not, everyone will experience grief in a loss of everything we place value on, at our best of keeping it held dear to our hearts. Unfortunately, the loss of a loved one is a special kind of grieving process and no two individuals experience it the same. In Comfort in Sorrow, author David C. McGee speaks to his readers in such a calming and compassionate tone in reassurance that it’s okay to feel however it is you feel. It is encouraging to learn there are people that completely understand from a genuine, yet empathetic perspective to inform that everyone will heal. One thing that stood out from the very beginning, is the mention of time and how there’s no right or wrong length of time to overcoming grief. As stated, grief is an individual experience that cannot be classified into groups of people that feel the same way. Although similar and in terms of various initial reactions, there’s no actual comparison in any other aspect such as grief.

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